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Old Photos/Postcards of Henley

Listed below are Henley locations with our most recently added postcards. To view old photos/postcards, more recent photos, facts or businesses for a particular location simply click on the relevant link. Or, choose a different filter from the menu on the left.

Old Postcard of Countryside, Henley


Situated on the southern edge of the Chiltern Hills, the countryside that surrounds Henley is truly some of the most scenic in England.
14 old postcards | 25 photos | 1 fact

Old Postcard of Duke Street, Henley

Duke Street

Duke Street is the second most prominent street in Henley with numerous shops of varying types.
4 old postcards | 4 photos | 1 fact | 1 business

Old Postcard of Friar Park, Henley

Friar Park

Friar Park is a large private estate with a gothic mansion located in Henley. It was built by Sir Frank Crisp and was the home of the Beatle George Harrison.
9 old postcards | 12 photos | 5 facts

Old Postcard of Gravel Hill, Henley

Gravel Hill

Gravel Hill is a fairly long road that runs from the town centre out of Henley-on-Thames.
5 old postcards | 5 photos | 2 facts

Old Postcard of Greys Road, Henley

Greys Road

Greys Road is a long road that provides access to Henley from the nearby village of Greys. Greys Road car park is situated at the bottom of the hill in the town centre.
7 old postcards | 20 photos | 1 fact | 2 businesses

Old Postcard of Henley Bridge, Henley

Henley Bridge

Henley Bridge is a five arched bridge which was built in 1786 that crosses the River Thames from Remenham to Henley.
6 old postcards | 14 photos | 5 facts

Old Postcard of Market Place, Henley

Market Place

Market Place is a semi-pedestrianised area located in the centre of Henley directly in front of the Town Hall.
11 old postcards | 13 photos | 2 facts | 4 businesses

Old Postcard of Marlow Road, Henley

Marlow Road

Marlow Road is a major entry road to the town of Henley-on-Thames.
1 old postcard | 19 photos | 2 facts

Old Postcard of New Street, Henley

New Street

New Street runs down to the river in Henley-on-Thames. New Street is home to The Kenton Theatre.
3 old postcards | 5 photos | 3 facts | 1 business

Old Postcard of Reading Road, Henley

Reading Road

Reading Road is a main busy road that leads to Reading from Henley-on-Thames.
4 old postcards | 28 photos | 2 facts | 6 businesses

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