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Old Photos/Postcards of Henley

Listed below are locations in Henley beginning with the letters G to H which we have old postcards of. To view old photos/postcards, more recent photos, facts or businesses for a particular location simply click on the relevant link. Or, choose a different filter from the menu on the left.

Old Postcard of Gravel Hill, Henley

Gravel Hill

Gravel Hill is a fairly long road that runs from the town centre out of Henley-on-Thames.
5 old postcards | 5 photos | 2 facts

Old Postcard of Greys Hill, Henley

Greys Hill

Greys Hill is a short narrow road that runs parallel to Greys Road in Henley. It is where you will find Trinity Church.
1 old postcard | 3 photos | 1 fact

Old Postcard of Greys Road, Henley

Greys Road

Greys Road is a long road that provides access to Henley from the nearby village of Greys. Greys Road car park is situated at the bottom of the hill in the town centre.
7 old postcards | 20 photos | 1 fact | 2 businesses

Old Postcard of Harpsden, Henley


Harpsden is a small village located very close to Henley-on-Thames with a small church and golf course.
1 old postcard | 11 photos | 4 facts

Old Postcard of Henley Bridge, Henley

Henley Bridge

Henley Bridge is a five arched bridge which was built in 1786 that crosses the River Thames from Remenham to Henley.
6 old postcards | 14 photos | 5 facts

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