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Henley Locations:

Town Hall is located in the centre of Henley-on-Thames.

Town Hall is located in the centre of Henley-on-Thames.

Did You Know These Facts About Town Hall, Henley?

The population of Henley in 1801 was 2,948.

Great news for the town. The visit of the Queen and Prince Philip on Monday 25th June to South East England, Henley-on-Thames.

There is a place in South Africa called Henley-on-Klip. This was apparently named by a Horace Kent. He was born in our town in the mid-1800s and moved to South Africa where he named the village after his birth town.

Stocks still existed outside the town hall in 1861. Some say that we should bring them back!

The most popular explanation for where Henley gets its name is that it comes from "hen" meaning "old" and "ley" meaning "place". However, there are some historians who have slightly different ideas.

Hottest ever day in Henley recorded? (to be confirmed); 34.9 C (96 F) on 19th July 2006 @ 16:45. Still some way to go to beat 1976's 14 consecutive days of above 30 °C.

Henley was the first town in England to adopt the Atkin patent (no not the diet) for purifying and softening of water. Shame it's not done now.

In 2006 the population of Henley was 11,008.

The original town hall was moved to Crazies Hill in 1898.

At the 1991 census Henley-on-Thames' population was 10,558.

Boris Johnson was the local MP but is now the Mayor of London.

Now this is an interesting one, well maybe not that interesting. We believe that there is one road in Henley that does not have a footpath on either side. Can you tell us where it is or indeed do you know others?

We all know that the former Beatle George Harrison lived in Henley for many years but you might not know this. When a second charter was obtained in 1722, in September of that year the former warden of the town became the first mayor and his name was George Harrison.

Henley-on-Thames is "twinned" with 2 towns; Falaise in France (since 1973) and Leichlingen, Germany (since 1979).

The population of Henley and the surrounding area in 1891 was a total of 5288 comprising of 3103 in the municipal borough and 2185 in the parish of Rotherfield Greys.

Have I got news for you!! Boris Johnson has been voted by his party to run for London Mayor against big KL.

Prior to 1526/7 the mayors of Henley were called the wardens of the town or keepers of the guild.

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