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Henley Weather Summary for April 2014

Read Tornado Man's April 2014 weather summary for Henley.

Note: A full annual summary of the weather in Henley for 2007 can be found on our Henley Blog.

This month came out to be mild with average daytime or more correctly a maximum average of 14.63C compared to the historical average of 13.6C. So 1C higher. The first half of month was mainly dominated by high pressure when a gradual breakdown from the middle of month onwards took place. The minimum temperature was also around average at 4.45C this month compared to 5C with 3 air frost. Slightly up from 2. There were lots of good days in the month, which looked to be going for drier than average. If it was not for a thunderstorm on the 25th in which we recorded 20mm or 0.78 inches it could well have been. It was in fact a thundery month the worst we had seen for some time. This amount of rain nearly made up half the month's total of 49.6mm (1.95 inches) and the norm for this month being 49.1mm (1.93 inches). The number of rain days however were up from the average of 9.1 to 14 this April.

  • Coldest Day: 25th (9.1 °C)
  • Coldest Night: 15th (-0.9 °C)
  • Warmest Day: 30th (19.2 °C)
  • Mean Temperature: 9.4 °C
  • Wettest Day: 25th (0.78 inches)
  • Total Rainfall: 1.95 inches
  • Windiest Day: 14th (18mph)

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