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Henley Weather Summary for February 2014

Read Tornado Man's February 2014 weather summary for Henley.

Note: A full annual summary of the weather in Henley for 2007 can be found on our Henley Blog.

A snowless* winter and after all the hype from a few! Remember, “One of the coldest snowiest winter for years indeed record breaking” well it happened but not here! In the states and Canada I cannot see any forecaster who had any idea of what we ended up with in the UK this winter. Here we, as you already know, had the wettest winter on record in most of England but not true of everywhere. Take a look at the total of rainfall maps. Some areas even had below average rainfall. Record winter rain From Met Office Data: 517.6mm for the UK, wettest since 1910 435mm for England and Wales, wettest since 1766 It was 1.5° warmer than average across the UK 108mph strongest gust, recorded in Aberdaron, Wales on 12 Feb 12% more sunshine than average in southern England "Average" = based on 1981-2010 records Source: Met Office The Met Office rainfall chart makes for interesting viewing. It;s plain to see where most of the rain fell but look at the little surprises. NW in the Liverpool Manchester area was below average. The same is also true of parts of Scotland and how about that deep band of blue in the South is 225% above. Well we fell into the slightly lighter blue. It’s also worth a noting that February is on average the driest month of the 12. I have also included the Met Office summary of this winter so far. Here as the charts suggest we're like many in the South and even at my location a fair bit of rain. February recording 3.29 inches 83.6 mm (average 1.67 inches - 42.5mm). The total for our three months here now stand at 10.29 inches (261.6mm). I know down in Harpsden it was a fair bit higher. Waiting for figures to come in. Wettest day this month was on the 7th at just over half an inch 0.55 (14mm). Rain days were in total for February 20 (average 8.9) and for the three months collectively bang on 70 out of 90 with every day in January seeing rain although one day was not recordable. Numbers of frost were well down to 4 when we would be likely to see on average 9.1 the most for any month. We also know how mild it has been this winter and more so February with an average day time temperature of 8.48C, when the norm would be (8.00C) and the Minium at 2.46C compared with (1.8C). It's also correct to say that the last week of this month did ease a little in the rain and its intensity. * Using the meteorological winter so still time in .

  • Coldest Day: 13rd (3.4 °C)
  • Coldest Night: 16th (-0.4 °C)
  • Warmest Day: 24th (12 °C)
  • Mean Temperature: 5.6 °C
  • Wettest Day: 14th (0.55 inches)
  • Total Rainfall: 3.29 inches
  • Windiest Day: 14th (28mph)

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